Mai & Zimph’s Nekked Taru Sig!

Ashiya and Maiev!

Maiev Piggyback Ashiya :)

Question: anyone watch the Protector, any good? its a freaking < 90min movie :O. Friend's dragging me along and I don't know if I should go :O Yes, this is a very weird but ok, I did this purely

  1. I was very bored in class
  2. Want more experience in creating / dealing with 3ds max so… I made something weird

By entering the password ((agree)) into the thread below, you agree you are 18 years old or older.

Warning: this will forever ruined any reputation that you have for cute tarus. If you want to preserve those thoughts, I suggest you not viewing them :(

Proceed here

Update 3am EST: a new blogger will be joining with staronion in the next few days :D the mithra’s configuring, yar its non-taru, i’ll hav to minaturize the mithra! will also be merging taco and wohdo’s blog together so it can be more entertaining than 1 post/month LOL

also, don’t use Opera browser when posting on WordPress. Message gets chopped off, post align gets messed up :(. I think I had my message chopped off 3 times now on berrie’s site and… double posting blows so ; jus avoid Opera for WP-sites.

Update 11pm EST: I am really not that kind of a bad person! I mean see, I do make normal stuff too! >.> *trying to cover myself up*

5 Responses to “Mai & Zimph’s Nekked Taru Sig!”

  1. Ciermel says:

    omg is that zimpy? lolol

  2. Maiev says:

    lol ya, so far i know lokus, xariana, kirschy, hanayaka and fireal all saw it and they <3 it LOL

    daranoon think its so wrong :( and tsunade is jus speechless hehe, told ya 18+

  3. Reeroo says:

    hehe good work Maiev ^^

  4. Jayashaya says:

    rofl good job taru

  5. mirith says:

    AMAGAD! You are crazy hahahah but that pic is very funny! (@)_(@)

    And you are right about opera! I was wondering why my comments kept getting cut off ~_~ THanks for the tip


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