Video Watch: The Guild Ep 4-5

2 months ago, I’ve posted an interesting video of The Guild, a video created by MMO players about MMO players! There’s now Episode 4 and 5 ^^; Although its not as funny as the 1-3 episode, but many things mentioned are pretty true, and do happen in FFXI.

This is purely for entertainment xD (Similar to College Saga)

But LOL to some aspect of the video. I’ve seen it happened in FFXI in general ‘.’ lending equipment to people then they disappear (Kind of like the same thing in Episode 5). Anyway, enjoy ^^;

If you haven’t watch the previous episode 1-3, you can find them all [here].

Episode 4 – Cheesybeards

Episode 5 – Rather be Raiding

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  1. Sakurakun says:

    lol.. i saw the college saga a long time ago. but i like the guild series much better though because i could relate to it more w/ ffxi =D! zabato @_@….


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