The Guild – WoW Humor Video!

Its really funny :) If you don’t like it, can hunt me down for a cookie! I was raiding, was waiting for a member and someone showed me this!

The Guild: Episode 1 (Wake-Up Call)

And if you like the one above, there’s 2 more!

Oh btw… did you know there’s an official Square-Enix Merchandise Store?

The Guild: Episode 2 (Zaboo’ed!)

Note: Careful what you type online!! :) =/= ;) <-- Keyboard Chemistry is Undenyable!!

The Guild: Episode 3 (The 1337 Hax!)

Note: Look at the Guild Leader’s Heaeset LOL, I <3 that Guild Leader. Actually... my LS knows it pretty well, me and my "Wireless Headset" on vent!

Random Video… a person who created a Halo 3 scene IRL with Lego…

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