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'70 bag space still isn't enough ._.'

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8 Responses to “70 bag space still isn’t enough ._.”

  1. Dalx says:

    Recently I recived my Dalm =) and from the past like 4-5months I’ve been reading your blog here and there. Since I got my dalm now, is it possible if you can send me or tell me where I can get that Blue and Black Dalm dat? ^^; Thanks

  2. Maiev says:

    =P must hav missed the post 2 weeks ago :) but here it is ^^


  3. Dalx says:

    Oh, I read it before, I didnt know the link was actually the “Blue Dalm” word, hehe ^^;

    Thanks :D

  4. Calaera says:

    ;x I wish I had the luxury to lug around town gear, opaline set, etc etc… BRD gear (CHR, MP, different foods for different situations, and a few pieces for small parties) makes me have only 1 – 9 slots for drops with just 60. ;o; I want like… 100 slots. Then I’d be really, really happy and could be lazy forever and ever and ever. ;\

  5. Calaera says:

    Waaaaaait. o.o; Isn’t 80 new and 70 old? /confused Oh well! I had the old max cap and will probably have the new cap filled in like… 5 min. ;x

    Edit: aha. This is why I got confused. ;x http://www.bluegartrls.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=26062

  6. Maiev says:

    hehe, they had 80 during fanfest but if you keep reading that thread, SE say it cannot be implemented due to PS2 limitations AGAIN

    I havta say… 70 slots make this game much more fun ^_^ its like ipod, u hav all ur music with you :)

    WoW 20slot bags ftw xD

  7. Jowah says:

    loltown gear.
    (Talks the one who’s holding wedding set+ring and a couple of useless itamz :3)


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