FFXIAH Update!

Sometimes I feel bad, I make a suggestion to Scragg and its coded right away :x

I suggested mysterytour recipe view style and its coded, then I suggested “most viewed players” to be sorted by server, and its coded :x Personal Information for personalization… coded, even minor changes such as renaming navigation bar :3

Sometimes I really feel bad :3 but Scragg is damn fast about implementing changes :3. Kinda afraid to keep talking because I’d have so much request :3, wish I can help coding it :3

Regardless, I think the ffxiah most viewed players by server is more meaningful than showing most viewed players across 30 servers.

Go check it out :) www.ffxiah.com

If you got suggestion :) Feel free to leave it on the ffxiah forums. I’m pretty sure Scragg (big scragg and taru scragg) both reads them :) BUTT, do check the FAQ before you post!

On the side note, some people are so worthless. Get a pearl, then peace out after 1 event. Then I found out this dude was shouting for Carby mitts and seeking party during event times. I can see Kimble have no interest with sea=P that’s all.

5 Responses to “FFXIAH Update!”

  1. mirith says:

    Don’t feel bad silly talu, I bet he loves ya for it! Giving feedback is important for any site… and obviously you’re good at it so don’t stop! hehehe

    I really do love ffxiah, its one of my favourite ffxi sites around :D Thanks for making it better!

  2. Jowah says:

    I was shocked when I saw only Ragnarok people on the list ~_~;

  3. Mikedee says:

    Kimble is a hero

  4. jtaru says:

    1 event people are awesome. lol

  5. raidenn says:

    1 event people need to be scrapped to their undies and made to walk in Beastmen strongholds at level 1!


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