All About DaggyInk & Jowah!

I have been a real busy Talu in real life :/ have to write a paper that MUST be 80% that is due next Wednesday, so a bit pressure there. Plus a gay quiz on next Tuesday.

Ciermel Card, Daggy Drawing, Fan Art FFXi

Left: Ciermel’s Card, Right: Drawn by Daggy

MaiTalu and my love of art

Anyway, I love art, and it all came down to one incident ‘-‘. Back when I was 16, it was my crush’s birthday. I was sort of a “geek” in computer so I bought her a “clock” for birthday presents. Apparently “Giving Clock” in Chinese means “Signing your death warrant”. So I “technically” gave her a death warrant. Well in the end, she paid me a buck, so “technically”, she bought the clock off me! ^^ But then a year later, I gave her a present, customized and she describe her feelings

“no word can describe how touched I am”

Anyway, giving a clock was probably one of my most embrassing moments in my life.. so at that point on, I learned about art and customization. I personalize most of my presents now, either I don’t do it, or I do it and put my heart to it. I’d rather give a friend a present every 2 years with heart, than 1 that’s half ass made ‘-‘

I’ve made a card for Cier b4 =P, its a storyline how we met ^^; For awhile Cier hated me cuz she thought I always rofl at her not having Erase -.- well she took it the wrong way, but think its because of that incident that we became good friends in FF XD.

Anyway, to love art, you got to learn how to realize good art that’s around you. Clicking around deviantart, I think Daggy is probably pretty high up there ^^; (or Farkee’s friend ‘-‘) Its not done but thought I’d share it ‘-‘.

DaggyInk and my Opinion ‘-‘

Daggy is one amazing artist imo, I’ve look through her deviations and all I’d hav to say is.. Wow… I wish I knew how to draw. What I really like about her art is probably how she draw emotions such as the drawing above or.. this (lol). Daggy’s email is an artwork too, every sentence she wrote had emoticons, like typed ones. Let me give you an idea…>u<; *^^* ^-^, either she's too hyped up due to too much sugar, or she puts art around her life lol. Now that's a geek! Anyway, I've donate a little bit of moeny for her to devote time and effort to draw Talus for me :3. Afterall, its time and art supplies that she needs to draw! The Daggy's drawing will be used for next banner (since Farkee quit drawing!). Daggy's artwork is breathtaking '~", what server is she on again? :o I've also spent like 200us on making a "real" mini ceramic of my taru :o, yes spending so much money on "art". I'll take a pic of it someday but not now! Other Stuff!

Holding the vids a bit back :( busy Talu!

Internet Explorer 7 is out btw ‘-‘ (like yesterday). You can download it here (official Microsoft website) if you want. You do need a legit Windows XP to install. It checks 2 times during installation. I realize the blog looks like mad shit in IE7, working on personalizing my next theme too.

IE7’s new features and the ones that you’re probably interested would be..

  • Tabbed Browsing, took the idea from Firefox / Opera
  • Feeds

If you are a blog reader and sick of clicking to each blog. You might like Feeds. Feeds is a short term for the word (REALLY Simple Syndicate). You bet, its REALLY easy to use. Basically, it only takes the juice out of a website and displays it on your screen in a clean black and white document. Feeds, is the future of internet, get over it! (Its in IE, its going to be). Feeds are mostly enabled on news websites and major blogs. Hay =P being informed right away about news is pretty cool. I read on feeds, because feeds “informs” you about website update on the second blog poster press the “post” button (If you use opera browser) and… I can see all blogs in a page (bottom left, all my feeds @ google when I serach). Its very easy to use.. Press the feeds button to add that you your feeds (in IE7).. and press a few times and it would pull out a list of your feeds, and clicking on it will display it in a clean page (bottom right of the SS below). Bascially there’s only 1 button, click the feed, click a few times, keep clicking it! (Told you its REALLY Simple to Syndicate the site ‘-‘) If the blog doesn’t support feeds, the thing I circle on top left of the SS will be greyed out.


Interesting stuff from MaiTalu

  • How much of your favorite energy drink/soda would it take to kill you? Take the test here.
  • Slow Motion of a water balloon into your face (1000fps). Watch the video here.
  • Damn right! DS IS one of the controller for Wii. [More details…]
  • Making Plasma in your Microwave. Watch the video here.
  • Smallest cell phone. You can hold it with a finger! [Read more…]
  • Sega game gear vs Gameboy… PS3 vs Wii! See the pattern? [Read more…]
  • Amazing Photoshop Editing ‘-‘. THe rollover image is the ‘original’ image. Look at it here.
  • If you’re a Zelda fan, you would like this – the game history of Zelda. Watch the video here.
  • Gmail Feature Request: Go say it here. (Who knows, maybe your vote counts a lot)

By the way, are there ANYONE who still uses 800×600. Working on my next theme when I have time (and widgetize it -.-), but I need to know if any of my readers out there that is still using 800×600, if not I’m goin 1024×768 or 100% width ‘-‘

5 Responses to “All About DaggyInk & Jowah!”

  1. Jowah says:

    Omg you put two piccies of my site XD /bow /bow

    Feeds are nice. I’ve been using them for long time to rest in touch will all the sites of my friends^^
    And I’m going to install Expl7 in my laptop today, it’s my only licensed pc =_=

    RSS FTW!

  2. Frohike says:

    I wouldn’t bother with IE unless it does stuff Firefox won’t.

    For one, every time M$ releases something like this, it’s got a security vulnerability.

    And I also think they don’t really offer anything that Firefox doesn’t already do: the RSS feed thing and tabbed browsing have already been done. Besides if you really want to keep track of your blog feeds and you’re on more than one computer, I’d recommend if you haven’t checked it out already. Great service, and free.

    I guess the only reason I’d use IE is if some site where I’m buying something required it. Otherwise it’s Firefox all the way.

  3. Maiev says:

    haha i personally don’t use IE tat much except academic websites. i use firefox/opera cuz i also had bad experience with IE myself. eg. i click on wrong websites, install spyware, it creates icon to my desktop every minute, i had to format :< i wrote it because there's always those less tech savvy ppl out there who reads this and thought i'd let them know. who only use the pc for hotmail and news articles etc XD and ya Jowah, i happen to be reading ur blog when I wanted to write about it so i took ur blog's sites XD hope ya wont mind ^^;

  4. Jowah says:

    I use IE for testing purpose only…and lol i don’t mind if you screen’d my page XD

  5. Daggy says:

    xD waaaaahhh >3


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