Mai’s Signature Creation (or Skill Progress)

I was never born with good signature making skills. I’m totally not good at it yet, but at least I’ll admit I’m no longer a n00b. The first few sigs is made a few years ago when I learn about GIF, transparency and basic operations like extraction.
I don’t really know why people have signatures. I think its more for e-peen back then. So I was doing something different, to actually show some funny moments in FFXI.

Maiev’s 1st Signature / Omen I

Maiev of Fenrir's Signature, Roranora, Love Chocolate, FFXI

Back then, me and Roranora was pretty good friends. We talk about all random stuff. We were both in separate LS and things work out pretty good. Although I’m not as geek as he is, we love to discuss strategy talks. Anyway, he sent a <3 chocolate on Valentine's day and I thought that was pretty sweet (very RPG, role playing a gentlemen giving a heart chocolate to me). PS: LIMITED PHOTOSHOP SKILLS EXPERIENCE! Maiev’s 2nd Signature / Unbreakables

Maiev of Fenrir's Signature, Ciermel, Zimph, Tele FFXI

Well it was more of a joke actually. As you see, the chat logs demonstrate Ciermel being Cier0el (disconnected / wrong channel) of what we were talking! Again, I was no where near making good signature, nor I know what a signature should have. Still… no photoshop experience XD

Maiev’s 3rd Signature / Unbreakables (DynUnion)

Maiev of Fenrir's Signature, Dynamis Lord FFX

OOkk, I was trying to do it all in Photoshop, but obviously it didn’t work out too well. I was also trying to use model viewer as my source of images. Obviously I didn’t even know how to turn characters, or doing layer options and apply effect to texts… this signature didn’t really last that long :D

Maiev’s 4th Signature / Unbreakables

Maiev of Fenrir's Signature, Roranora, Leob, Roxey FFXI

Yay, I’ve finally found out how to turn characters in model viewer! Well I was better with photoshop now! At least text were somewhat, spiced up! I assume this was in Unbreakable days. I’d probably had my 1st Scorpion Harness, and I thought it looked pretty good so I made a new sig! (or probably I started enjoying melee rdm!). Roxey, Leob, Roranora and Maiev on there.

Maiev’s 5th Signature / Omen II

Maiev of Fenrir's Signature, Roranora, Sculpture FFXI

Whoa! I’m in W.Body! Its probably shortly after I got em. We can tell there was great advancement since Roranora now have a Dalmatica! 74 merits um.. that’s pretty shit IMO, must be LONG ago! 10 months maybe? :D

Maiev’s 6th Signature / Omen II

Maiev of Fenrir's Signature, Farkee, Hakim Wahib, FFXI

Farkee the DrawTalu, drawn a very nice pics of my Talu! (I gave him a Curse Crown -1 for his Birthday Presents though!). But the drawing was so nice, I had to put them into my Signature! So there ya go hehe. I still <3 Farkee's drawing, I use it on my Cellphone's wallpaper too! But as you can see, I have a nicely designed frame, some wording, and some nice actions using model viewer! Colors was ok I thought, but now learning about the webmaster's coloring, I think I can do better. But ya, Farkee's like my favorite artist now! Maiev’s 7th Signature / Omen II

Maiev of Fenrir's Signature, Synthesis, Mortana, 3ds

My 1st attempt in seeing how 3ds is that powerful. Whoa! Well I didn’t really make this signature, but I used it as a learning experience. After seeing how my signature was made (Thanks to Mortama), I’ve helped my friend to make signature using 3ds and here’s my 3ds sig skills!

Maiev’s 8th Signature / DuckHUNT

Maiev of Fenrir's Signature, DaggyInk, Farkee, Boobs, FFXI

This is a signature created by Daggy. It’s Daggy and I zzing and Farkee being freaked out. LOL EPIC Signature =) Lots of people saying I’m touching Dagg’s boobs! She drew it and she said its a “friendly” touch ;) Okay? :)

Maiev’s 9th Signature / DuckHUNT

Maiev of Fenrir's Signature, DaggyInk, FFXI

This is a signature created by Daggy. It’s another Daggy’s art. This one is just having a friendly portrait, holding Mai hands. We are really good friends as you all may see :)

My other creation for other people!

Tazo's Signature, FFXI Fenrir

Bard’s sweet people, so playing songs in water is like O.O! Very simple layout etc, my 1st attept with 3ds + Photoshop to create a signature.

Ciermel's Signature, FFXI Fenrir

My next creation! I’ve learn how to do correct lightning, to blend in with the background etc. I actually like this backdrop.

Etain's Signature

Something different, I wanted to do ripples but can’t overuse it! So I tried to stick with some minish things (Bardlet’s Tale!) So hehe, found something mini and work from there.

Shunzi's Signature, FFXI Fenrir, Soulcalibur

I actually spent some time finding the nice background for it. I’m very satisfied with this creation though!

Jayashaya's Signature, Naked Mai, FFXI Fenrir

How can we not have the weird creative juice from MaiTalu into her siggy creation!

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