Etain and Shunzi’s Sig Practice!

PS: IQ question solved by Oropher of Quetzalcoatl. (Yay no one gets the HQ synth, unless he moves to Fenrir XD) Also, in expanding my crafting service, I now have a 100+3 Leathercrafting mule :D, offering more than ever before ^^;

Ya galz here ya go, I took a bit of time to conceptualize what I was going to make. Anyhow hope you two gals like it :O And no, I had no thoughts of making naked sigs until Soul mentioned it! Btw just copy the code below into any forums and it should be displayed.

Shunzi’s Signature:

I was just trying to stick to something romatic, I <3 waters and ripples so I've decided to put you two into the tub! I could make a naked one if you want ^^. Btw Tazo worded your signature.

Shunzi's Signature

Etain’s Signature:

I was jus trying to stick to something “Bardlet”. At first, I wanted to make a black and white signature, but didn’t know if you’ll like it so I stick with the minature theme. I’m adding a Mandragora in after this post! (The idea just pop in my head!). Hope you like it. Again, Tazo worded your signature!

Etain's Signature, FFXI TaruTaru Fenrir

Don’t know why I added the mandy! But here ya go!

Etain's Signature, FFXI TaruTaru Fenrir

Oh ya, earlier I made a mistake on the elvaan so I had a random Elv hugging Shunzi XD. Just for a laughter, I wonder who can that Elv be ‘-‘

Shunzi's Signature, FFXI Hume Fenrir

Okay, I’ll take more sig request, but I take my time thinking it over the idea etc. so it takes long!!

Oww ya, finish watching 24 (All 5 seasons), time to Prison Break! (too bad no Imps this time). Anyway, time to get my life straight, sleeping early!

5 Responses to “Etain and Shunzi’s Sig Practice!”

  1. Saykura says:

    Hiiii Maiev. I’m a lurker who’s been reading your blog without telling you :o The last sig looks like an elvaan huming Shunzi, lol. Pretty layout btw!

  2. Ashiya says:

    I didn’t know there was that IQ question :(

    Nice sigs!

  3. Etain says:

    Squeee! Thank you! They came out awesome!! :D :D

  4. Etain says:

    Ooo, just re-read your entry. 100+3 Leathercrafting… I might be /poking you to synth a couple things for me soon (Goblin Coif and thinking of working on having Sheikh gages synthed). :o

  5. Sibe says:

    Nice/work on the blog site Maiev.


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