RMT-PWNER V1.337 Correlation Chart!

LOL @ Banning

OMG I’m finally quite satisfied.. with SE bringing a little humor into their news update! Like… gamer style :3 It made my Christmas Eve much more enjoyable (although I was kinda half ass at home drinking and WoWing… =_=; loser style)

This time, I think SE is a little bit ahead of Blizzard. Well Gold isn’t really something to concern in WoW so.. they don’t really need to put that much effort in taking em away. (Buying an Exotic Mount = 20k gold gone anyway). Blizzard uses a user-report system, for reporting spam/RMT in-game. SE got that too, in the form of E-mail (report to special task force). So hehe, although the December update kinda sucked… at least the banning on CHRISTMAS EVE was entertaining to read.

It was nice they were able to trace the carriers to the end-buyers. Its a pretty nice correlation banning system, much more effective… than banning on the spot… which most of the time doesn’t happen.

You can read the rest of the details here.

Now that’s being said, something Kimiko noticed was… there was a spike in banning for the week where they repaired Salvage dups… although no one confirmed it yet.. but then its mostly JP that duped so.. lol not too surprise if people dun see people disappear with Salvage dupes.

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Cookie OD by elderarc.

Well Merry Christmas, since it’s official Christmas now… and if you’re a Canadian, Futureshop and BestBuy‘s flyers is out if you’re looking to get a new PC / graphics card for your FFXI entertainment! I’m eyeing on a Wacom tablet :D to take my newbie graphics fun to the next level!

Oh yea.. btw welcome Kimiko to the cool WordPress Blogging Group on StarOnion =) Kimiko and Mai are now neighbors (same model too), so it’d be some fun reading the twin (well …when I finally play again, hopefully when they release that one-time password keylock!) cuz right now.. I’m still a little bit paranoid to play, and one is account security. Anyway, still waiting for one more person before I do a complete overhaul on the front splash screen (I have a great idea in mind ^_^). Hopefully the taru hurry up and get on with moving database :D!

PS: AutoJailer is cool! And SE finally thought about using One-Time Password, aka clicker or authenticator (from Blizzard).

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  1. Kimiko says:

    Now remember kids, cookies are good for the growing taru, but don’t be overdoing them now okay?


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