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5 Responses to “Just too Good to be TRUE!”

  1. Bubian says:

    You are already broken lol…. how am I supposed to keep up now!? I doub’t they changed archery skills to the same thing as they did to 2 handed weapons which is lame cuz it takes 2 hands to fire my bow!

  2. SohJai says:

    They need to fix it! Too many SAM noobs out there already..

  3. Oman says:

    1Dex = 1Acc is really broken, but the good thing is finally Blmz can MB with their OM2. Also it seems like most NMs are gonna /c as “2 weak” now (-___ -“), is cool to see SE making FF more cascual but hopefully not too cascual. ..

    Congratz on ur Usukane Sune-Ate!!!w

  4. Keiffa says:

    Hey Sohjai! It’s your gear stalker! I just found your blog from ffxiah. ^^ I was wondering which grips you use. Those WS are insane! I was partying with a SAM last night that did crazy dmg too. He was using the accuracy+2 something or other… Do you different ones depending on the situation?

  5. SohJai says:

    Depends if you have enough accuracy and what food you using. But I still prefer Pole Strap most since my accuracy is pretty good already. I still bring Platinum Strap for higher evasion monsters and for it’s stun which never happens lol..


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