POL August 28, 2007 Update!

Some SAM related updates:

  • Two-handed weapons will now receive larger benefits from a character’s attributes, and will also inflict more damage when facing higher-level opponents or enemies with high defense.
  • A new type of equipment known as “grips” can now be equipped in the sub-weapon slot while using a two-handed weapon.
    Grips, FFXI, Equipment
  • The following weapon skills have been adjusted:
    Howling Fist/Dragon Kick/Raging Rush/Cross Reaper/Penta Thrust/Skewer/ Yukikaze/Gekko/Kasha/Empyreal Arrow/Detonator

This update sounds so good with the new grips and increase damage on high defense monsters! woo! But I’m worried about the Yukikaze/Gekko/Kasha adjustment. I do kinda feel SAM is overpowered, so I pray that this update is not a gimp.

Some people have already data-mined some new gear from the update as follows:

Ulthalam’s Ring
Accuracy+4 Attack+4
Adds “Regen” effect

Brass Grip

Platinum Grip
Add. Effect Stun

Katana Strap
Enhances Zanshin

Staff Strap
MP+20 Enmity-2

Pole Strap
Double attack+2%

Claymore Grip
Crit rate+3%

Ulthalam’s Ring looks awesome; if I had this I would replace my Sniper’s Ring +1 but it will be super rare. It is most likely appraised from Assault ??? items like all the other items with “Assualt: ” effects.

I would really want the Pole Strap for normal monsters and Platinum Grip for high level monsters for acc and stun effect. The sword strap with -3% weapon delay may not be the best for SAM since it will hurt our TP return for our 6-hit setup.

Anyhow back to waiting for update to finish and praying for Yukikaze/Gekko/Kasha to not be gimped.

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  1. Kmaxy says:

    Word, I heard the improved Penta for us for sure, but didn’t know if the sword strap with really take our TP ratio away from. I was looking forward to a tiny haste too.

    ..and if they mess up Gekko/Kasha, I’m going to be one upset Taru Samurai coming sky day…no doubt..


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