Post August 27 thoughts …

Subbing THF

As some of you might have already know, Yukikaze/Gekko/Kasha now do low damage with SA. Everyone is saying not to /THF. Well that is not entirely true. On merit monsters it is very true, SA WS does not boost your damage so an SA WS will do less than a WS at front utilizing overwhelm.

But with high defense monsters like Kirin SA WS showed big improvements. I was consistently hitting 1.1k-1.3k with SA without double attack. When I miss my SA due to him turning last second I was hitting 400-600. This would show that SA still increases our pDIF for our WS but not on monsters where are pDIF is near cap I suppose.

Merit PT

Nyzle – As I’ve noted in a previous post, Nyzle is now very easy to gear for us now. I was in a 3 SAM party and the average same can hit 95% accuracy with no bard. The difference between SAM hasn’t changed much, I still outparse other SAM in about the same proportion of SAM with similar gear. My WS average was 1.3k while other SAM (decent gear) with Hagun averaged 1.1k and a Shinsoku SAM (average gear) with 1k average. DOT wise I owned them by a lot due to the amount of haste gear I have, but the average hit damage was very close with Shinsoku only 6 damage points above my Hagun which was surprising. They also did not have a 6 hit setup so I did a lot more WS than they did. In the end it was really not competition, I did 1800, Hagun SAM did 1400, while the Shinsoku SAM did 1100 average damage per monster. Not to be bragging about how much I own, but to show these numbers between SAM are not much different than pre-patch.

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