IGE is a Haxxor? or Onry trying to Scam!

RMT Onry Player Asking/Scamming, FFXI Fenrir

He must be smoking crack, or trying to send a keylogger to me or something. But let me give you a tip, many people have tried to play tricks on my account but it will never work. Sure I have 100GS, KC etc but…. I’m not internet stupid, and so is all my rl friends who hav access to my account, so get over it.

The whole screenshot is here.

PS: I thought I had the other SS but I guess I don’t, but the chatlong continues, Onry says he’s already successfully hack into a few accounts and I can get a Kirin’s Osode next if I help.

And I reply, I don’t need Osode, at least propose me with something that I would be interested in. LOL! Some people are just really bad in scaming :o

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  1. Reeroo says:

    Tried to do same xp double up on my monk yesterday, forgot I had it on and wasted it running around doing crafting. lol /doh Thanks for the comment also :)


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