FFXIV Heavensward Trailer OST

Maiev and Otak in FFXIV

Maiev and Otak by Petisu!

To Heavensward

Long time no write! I meant to write a bit more but have been busy. I’ve got a lot of experience to share playing “just” healers role and a separate toon “just” DPS role. I’ll add later.

Anyway, I’ve been so stoked by the FFXIV Heavensward Trailer OST and dug hard! I finally found it and made it more beautiful :) (it had other sound track blend in, took awhile to polish the end part).

The storyline of FFXIV is so amazing! Just as good as Game of Thrones! See you in Heavensward!

Download: (10.3MB, 320kbps)
FFXIV – Heavensward Trailer OST (No Sound Effects) :)

Live Listen:
[audio:http://www.staronion.com/maiev/download/FFXIV – Heavensward Trailer OST (No Sound Effects).mp3]

YouTube with Trailer:

I have no idea which piece or where this music is, found it but pretty damn nice :3

Live Listen:

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