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So today, I woke up thinking about how to earn more gil (yes -,- burned em all), login FFXIAH and :O
Global announcements!

Whoa, they want me to break AH! That’s going to be a bit hard! XD I’m trying!! but for now, lets be a bit more productive, and review some of the cool features that will be available to members soon!

Ever got sick and tired of browsing armor –> Scroll Hauby, Esc Esc, Materials –> Goldsmithing, Esc Esc? Don’t you want all your item to be displayed on a single page?

Feature of FFXIAH: Item Set

Item Sets, FFXIAH, Goldsmithing

Function: Allows you to customize a page of item that you want to see by 1 click. This is just an example, but hay, everytime you hit refresh on your browser, you can see if the quantity drop or increase :) kinda cool to see what’s the current demand XD

As you might see, adding item is easy as cake, because as you type in the query, it will narrow down your search, similar to “Google Suggest”. Pretty convenient heh :) Maybe you’ll get a 1gil Hauberk +1 :)

Improved Feature: AH Recipes!

FFXIAH Recipe Cost Calculation, Break Even Cost

Yes, before it was chaotic, but I’m sure most crafter would recognize the new layout, its the mystery tour layout, a layout which we all adopted for the past few years due to accuracy and ease of navigation. I like it being sorted imo, the feature of “display all” is still available for those that prefer mtour style. Of course :) the Query function is still pwnji!

Speed of FFXIAH:

Yes, its really fast now, close to real time. High-frequency item such as Fire Crystal was updated in my FFXIAH History in < 2 minutes, less frequent item such as my Platinum Ore purchase are within 9 minutes. I'd say pretty good. Go make some food, all your AH history is updated. Google Ad-Words and Me! That's kinda funny, I am a Goldsmither in-game and... they prompt me Goldsmithing advertisements irl? lol >.>

FFXIAH Ads, Diamond and Ruby Rings on the side? LOL

Ohhh! Also, you are now allowed to select how many transaction you wish to display. Instead of 25, I made mines to 100 (So I can see if I overbid some crap), but you can adjust the value in the AH’s Admin CP.

Remember, there is “no overbid” in this game :) When you click the “OKAY” button, you agree in your own free will, that you are willing to pay 5 million for a NQ dagger. You shouldn’t blame the person who receive the gil, because he himself, agrees to pay that 5m. Besides, how the hell you bid 2 more zeros on ah.. seriously. Look at the graph. Whoops!! that the sharpest spike I’ve seen so far. Da best “Whoops” sale :) The amount he overbid, doesn’t even show the original price, haha, puts all the previous buyer to nuffin by bidding 2 zeros over it.

OOPS! made a big bid graph! FFXIAH

LOL Gilseller wave :)

Selling Price of Cursed Mitts on FFXIAH

Niffy feature :) Personalization of FFXIAH! I’ve put up a Daggy artwork for mines XD! Go look! (lol if you get Jewellery Advertisements!)

[Update]: Was studying today until Scragg told me I made it to the top 20 on ffxiah across server, now that is WTF? I have -that- many stalker? :x

Top 25 1st Seen!
Top 25 again!

Well since there are so many, I’ve made a link on the top of my blog to make you trolls/stalker easier to stalk me (lol).

Speaking of top seller, I had a screenies of me being top 20 back then, racing with Zimph =P. I stop though, Maiev < Omen LS, no way I can Gil find that much to beat the Fenrir HNMLS in Gil finding lol :x FIREFOX user!

FFXIAH, Search Firefox Plugin

You can now search the AH on your browser! lol :D. Download (URL Broken) and dump it in the folder

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins\

Again, please virus scan it :o (.src is basically a text file with 10 lines, and a jpeg), I don’t want to increase stalkers + enemies who got their account busted and come after me!

And now you can search Haubergon on firefox HAHAHAH!~ Source: FFXIAH Forums.

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