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Take a LooK!?

Have you ever wonder what kind of word you uses the most in your blog? This website can identify them and even put them into your Tshirt (they are call Tag Clouds). Some people put their favorite writer’s blog into Tag Clouds and walk around with them, but still takes effort to decode them. Mines like this!

This was only scanning my frontpage. I talk about Blue Mage a lot, a post dedicated to dat/strawberrie makes the word bolded too. And damn, parser’s bolded too! I just love parsing it seems =P. I say damn a lot too ^^; But there’s bugs, words like php was picked up, so is a double strawberrie and majeev, which I don’t know why. At least they didn’t pick up p-tags and hyper reference stuff rofl!

Website: Snapshirts

Just click custom and it will ask for your URL of your blog!!

This is what you do when you can’t FF, oh ya, Nintendo DS Tetris is fun and holy smoke, people’s FAST.

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