Maiev Fenrir’s Screenshot Adventure – May 2004!

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Ifrit Cauldrun, first time heading there was such a nightmare. I never knew stuff could “aggro” by casting magic! I really hated traveling there as it involves using Sneak Pots and Prism Powder :x


I also saw Maiev’s Clone, Maeiv x_x lolz! At first I thought I spelled my name wrong, but it was HIM that spelled his name wrong hahaha!


I also went to Toraimarai Canal for the first time :O! It was freaky as hell :x We were doing it for the Windurst mission :O! But was still scary.


Yay to Maiev’s Twin copy :D!


Mai also went to his first Dynamis. Dynamis Jeuno!

I’ve definitely remember some of the most LOL moments :D!

  • Dirklionheart: I wish I can sub Warrior with Warrior (LOL?)
  • Dirklionheart: Bard should be the first to lot Genbu shield so they could TANK a few more hits in Dynamis while they use AoE Sleep!
  • All bards should have Monster Signa! haha!


I made a lot of cool friends during that time. Such as my homie Zimph, Tagawoski, awesome Paladin tank Rjork, LOL Leader like Katrinka and Dirklionheart, Sivine, Slowmo, Marcos, as well as Darkthief!

During this month, I was also invited to this Static party, from Lv60 all the way to Lv75. Powerz, Toomuch, Ilir all thought I was a very good healer and Red Mage, so they wanted me to party with their RL static party till Lv75! I was very touched when they said I was one of the most awesome Red Mage they’ve seen so far! From that point on, I tried to improve myself further :D!

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