Maiev’s Fenrir Screenshot Adventure – March 2004!

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I got into a Hong Kong based linkshell! It was very warm and fuzzy. I was already taught how to subjob Thief and go steal gold beastcoin for income while at the same time, parrying (which later on, ended up capping) :D

I’ve also experienced the pain in Garlaige Shitadel! LOL, training bats was such a fun activity while exping XD It was just gold when people get owned :3 sorry but that looked funny haha!


Wow, getting an alliance to go mission 5-1 at Xarcabard was epic. It was a nice adventure from Sand’oria to the frozen thundra. It felt like an adventure, especially how you have to go through the King Rampture’s Tomb.


Tagawoski even gave me a butterfly wing, which I thought was amazingly sweet :O


We also have a new AFK spot! It’s Lower Jeuno :O just beside the map store. There, I always find Shamu and Pioneer lol. It felt like an AZN hangout spot lolz :O


I met wonderful people this month, including Manlee, Gaffa, Tagawoski, Etin, Jellybean, Timuru, Kemigumi, Oddessey, Nerine and Shamu! It was wonderful month and I hope you all enjoy the SS above :D!~

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  1. Jessie says:

    Hey I found your blog just recently…I was Jellybean back in the day!!


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