Maiev’s Fenrir Screenshot Adventure – April 2004!

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April was another busy month for Maiev! Not only I got to keep farming those Crawlers for Windurst, but I’m also exping and doing missions!

First of all, I saw some exciting EDA Fish Bot :O!


I’ve done quite a few missions as well. Travelling and traversing up for mission 5-2 really felt like a huge accomplishment, that you’re going up through a dungeon (in fact, that is the most 3D I’ve experienced in FFXI :x)


We’ve also created the largest Tarutaru train at Lower Jeuno! Most of these people are also in my LS as well! It was quite epic!


I had a lot of fun knowing new people as well as adventuring with new friends. I met Special, Killacolt, Weltall, Shamu, Pioneer, Nerine, Alchemar and Hajirou.

I’ve explored new areas too :O which is always the awesome part of old-school FFXI, the adventure of exploring new areas :D!

PS: LOL at this SS of Eowen and Dyluck x_x

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