Maiev’s Fenrir Screenshot Adventure – February 2004!

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The February 2004 was another excitement! I found Davoi as well as Rabao. It was a remote yet interesting town. I also found scary places like Monastic Cavern x_x, places where I’d have to sneak and invis to get by!


Other interesting things I saw was the 3 mage door! Inner Honolulu ruins was IMO, one of the nicest design dungeons. Threre was trigger like mage doors :O which was beyond interesting XD!


We also had to alliance up and adventure from Bottom to Top of delkfutt tower for the mission. It was one hella fun day to be playing with so many people. Coming from Starcraft, yea it was lot of people, all with the same objective!


It was also my first time heading into the VIP area of Lower Jeuno – the Tenshodo, as well as witness Crawler train and Garbage Citadel :O! (bat train XD)


I’ve also met awesome people, like Nailo, Nerak, Navar, Ashmanaiel, Skydaemon, Kagomex, Shadowedge and Starz! I miss Starz from Fenrir, was a very nice Taru whm :o!

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