Maiev’s Fenrir Screenshot Adventure – January 2004!

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It all started at EB, where I walked by and was like whoa! Final Fantasy XI on PC. I never knew it was “Online”. I bought it, installed it and was impressed how fun it was, to play over a network :O!

The first screenshot I took, was essentially me learning how to use the screenshot button lol! I remember I had such a good party with some JP’s and I ended up exping till 6am. I didn’t want to but I had class so I forced myself to sleep.


I had such a good party, I didn’t want to go sleep :O


As you see a few SS, the mules that sat in Windurst, will be there for a couple of years!


A few things worth noting. I remember doing mission 2-3 with an alliance. That was pure epic, of how even lv20 missions requires an alliance.


First Sunset!


I also remember adventuring and sneaking our way to Jeuno, and using our hard-earn gil to set homepoint just so we don’t have to run all the way from Windurst again.


It was very epic, to adventure to Jeuno. One thing that was in everyone’s mind is, hope we don’t have to go back to Windurst, because nobody likes to sneak their way to Jeuno again. We worked hard, to get our Chocobo license :O

Mai’s First Airship Ride :O!


With the Chocobo license, I adventure the world, visiting different major cities such as Bastok and Sand’oria. I also used my Chocobo license to travel back and forth between Windurst and Jeuno. Farming a stack of silk would sell for 12,000 gil, which was a lot of money. Farming a bit of those would allow me to keep up with my spells :D Especially that Dispel required for Crawler’s nest (else you won’t even get a party x_x)

Exploring Bastok!


I also met some of the most awesome people. Tumbleweed, was my first ever FFXI friend, so is Tumult. You’d also see some of the super old-school people here like Hakkuro, Stimpy, Kittygod, Estellios, Vampirexhunter Laboomsikashod and Jeffhk. I also had a mission static with Terrybaby and Blaike :O!

FFXI just gotten better, so addictive … and so Mai adventure of FFXI begins!

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