Mai FFXI Journey!

I haven’t posted for awhile. But that’s mostly because I don’t have as much time as I did before… 8 years ago. I still enjoy reading and talking about the game because it made an impact – a positive one to my life. I’d like to enjoy it but all stuff got to end at some point and for me, it was 2 years ago. I haven’t totally quit but still actively read and engages in conversation about FFXI :D

One thing I wanted to do, was leave with good terms and with a positive impact. I think I left quite a lot… on Google lolz :D There was many stuff I wanted to do back then, like speaking on podcasts of the stuff I like to play, my expertise, sharing the “old-school” experience. But I think I’ve done most of them.

I’m slowly reblogging my old-school days by simply indexing all screenshots (including drama ones lol, like the FFXI Fenrir WikiLeaks lulz) and someday write a passage and hopefully those old Fenrir people would drop by someday :D and remember their good/terrible times in XI lolz!

Go take a look =) You might be in it!

To finish, I found this nice niffy tool on Google about search on and figure I’d make a video out of how Mai made a difference in XI via this blog :) I really hope I did lolz…

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