Learning about 3D Editing (& Dalm Coloring)

ya, well I started this blog, for 2 reasons. One is to erm.. post e-peen >.> well not exactly, more like trying to build my history back, since i got SO much SS (make a story book kinda thing), secondly, is to learn about dat editing and showing my progress.

Was on plane, mad bored, so took out laptop, sign up for internet package and read about 3D dat editing. Went to download some dats and start modding.

I started doin a black dalmatica first, cuz zimph wanted a little avatar for his blog. He wanted something um… black (AA Style) and similar to Michael Myers O.O, so I took my usual model (red hat, dalm), and try to color them into some black-ish thing. It isn’t very detail, but um.. I’m pretti satisfied for my 1st dat editing.

My new Dalmatica, FFXI Dat Fenrir Maiev

I kinda got interested with dat editing, and was thinking of making a new hairstyle for mytalu! I was thinking of something like this. (This is a character in Bleach btw, a Japanese anime)

My Goal for DAT Editing.

I like it like tat, so goin try make something out of it, so first I took my model and play around with my own mesh (since I see my taru everyday, I shuold understand her hairstyle, curvature etc), extracted the mesh, draw some color coding in.

Mesh of my Taru's dat. FFXI Maiev

Re-render the model and lol

My Taru's model with the above mesh., FFXI Dat

Well it gave me a good understanding of mesh, verticies, vectors, and some tools in 3D modeling. Anyway goin start playing with my taru first, then try to make tat head in Bleach, that’s my goal! I’ll get back to posting when I made some progress ‘-‘

4 Responses to “Learning about 3D Editing (& Dalm Coloring)”

  1. Strawberrie says:

    Nice to see some more people working on DATs. I changed my Taru’s hair as well, but I actually used a different Taru’s hairstyle as base, instead of my pig tails. That’s also something to think about, if you just can’t get yours to look right.

  2. Strawberrie says:

    P.S. Is it wrong to keep your site open just so I can listen to the Tavnazia remix? >.>

  3. Maiev says:

    Ya, I figure out you had a mixture of the other hairstyle. Modifying any vectors (at least as of now), seems pretti difficult. Still figuring out how they model stuff that looks different eg. (rdm hat, one side got feather and one doesnt)

    And haha dun feel bad turning it on for the tavazian music, at least it attracted you in dropping by and check out my newbie dat editing progress xD

  4. Psylentcuda says:

    I’ve downloaded the Blue Dalm you’ve posted up and you mentioned the Black Dlam, but didn’t have a link. I was wondering if there’s somewhere that we could get that great piece of work?


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