Maiev’s Goldsmithing HQ Spree!

Haven’t had the time to login lately so um, jus crafted whenever I had the time (crafting for my blu 7x) so i started a 1/2 Wing Sword +1 (hehe 10m)

Wing Sword +1, Goldsmithing Maiev of Fenrir, Taru FFXI

Since math took my earring, so I went back to make myself a sign one and….

Triumph Earring +1, Maiev of Fenrir Goldsmithing, Taru FFXI

So pretti ‘~”

Maiev's Triumph Earring +1, Goldsmithing Maiev Taru, FFXI Fenrir

Then later tonite, i was like, I got like this one ingot so I made the plat earring and doing my only synth infront of Sohjai and..

SohJai and Maiev, FFXI Taru of Fenrir, Triumph Earring, Goldsmithing

I sold it to him for a mil :) rl friend price =P. Finally, wihle preparing my my blu’s lv72 rings, I HQ a tri ring on 1st try


God MaievTalu is on HQ spree!

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