Let FFXIAH do the “How many Merits math!”

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The FFXIAH Merit Calculator!

Merit Calc is now here!

No more keeping an excel sheet or even learning how to use one in order to keep track of your merits, because the AH now does the math for you. Its like another best invention since sliced bread!

As long as you can use a mouse and can do single click, you’re good to go! Well of course, you’d need to register your character too.

The best part is… it only shows you the jobs that you have Lv75. So no more telling people more merits than you can even possibly get… It’d probably get publish in profile later but since its non-verified data, I don’t know if that’s happening ;) Regardless, ZOMG!

Go check it out on FFXIAH Merit-Calc!

PS: Registration required to utilize this feature!

Oh btw, meet Paris Hilton, she plays FFXI too!

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