Why start blogging!

Its been ask, like seriously, I’ve played for um.. almost 3 years? and I start blogging, you are kinda missing out a lot of stuff. But it really began from visiting Strawberrie’s Website which is now at


Strawberrie of Odin

A Fantastic Blog written by Strawberrie of Odin!

How it all started?

Well it all began from being upset about HNM. People go rampage on you when you miss out something. Hay, I agree I forgot to change pearl (after Dynamis), but that was my only mistakes, and the LS leader go rampage on me. So I was um.. looking for something else to do. Found that site and was like… damn tat’s absolutely another way of enjoying the game.

I read a lot of her post (like read backwards), some are like sweet, some are like LOLdrama, but overall, I think I wanted my FF experience to be somewhat like that. A group of friends blogging together, play together and basically mess around together.

So I’ve decided to .. Blogging! I’ll admit I want to be Strawberrie wannabe (chances of Strawberrie reading this um.. low xD). The inspiration that I got from that site was able to

  • Prevented me from 24/7 playing the game, but actually sit @ Starbucks blogging! (OMG I’m getting out of my house)
  • Prevented me from spending like 200 cad over a Nintendo DS (with mario kart).

That’s how much I love her site.

Besides, its kinda cool to read what other people are doing on other servers, oh plus her art, her art is definately good!

And ya >.> after I’ve backward blog my history of FF, I’ll start to learn about dat editing. Strawberrie’s dat is amazing. Although its kinda sad you can’t download it, I would have used it as a learning experience but… maybe not having it would be better :)

So if you got some spare time, jus click around her site (the icon above / link below). Its definately worth the time and hope she motivates you to blogging too xD!

PS: Strawberrie, at least motivated 3�Talus to start blogging xD I’ll add if there’s more. (Ciermel, Inorelin, Tazo) They are constructing their blog under my domain, just isn’t ready yet to be showcased :/

Strawberrie of Odin (Now at PaperSealFury)

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