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6 Responses to “BG Art Contest!”

  1. Etain says:

    You only voted for Divine Seal because you know who the artist is. :P (No, it’s not me, my art is sucktacular compared to some of the stuff in this contest.)

    I voted for “Randgrith” and “Proud to Shield Bash ftw!” I seriously agonized over which ones to vote for like, 20 minutes. :x

  2. Aramina says:

    OMG, I love the Divine Seal pic!

    I am a true WHM, and while I love my BRD and SAM and BST and whatnot, nothing is more fun for me than being the Healer for my friends. This picture says so much with not even one word…

  3. Kyarutaru says:

    n_n Glad ya liked Randgrith! Eventually I’ll have Mjollnir to make the pic more of a reality D: Only almost stage 3 so far…

  4. Miyuu says:

    I can’t pick between those 2 too, but thankfully I can pick two!

  5. Classicred says:

    I also voted for Divine Seal >:3 Ppl have bashed it cause its an omg mithra pic but its bright like Divine Seal she’s jumping in the air like ‘omg quick’ and looks concerned, whoever did the drawing did well and I think captured alot of what WHM is (and I hate whm)

  6. Jowah says:

    Nothing against you but this bg contest is bullshit.
    Divine seal winning is an offence for most people who entered. Next time everyone should just dra w mithra with some skin for fanservece then votes will increase easily.

    Trick: try imagine a pic with ONLY outlines……… heh.


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