TaruTaru Trading Arts & More!

Aloha Readers!

It’s been awhile. I know, busy busy! So for those that do complain I haven’t been writing enough (I mean… common, my writing is terrible :x), you better let me know you read it by leaving a comment. lulz (which I doubt anyone would, ahem Jackblck!). I wonder how many people even check this anymore lolz!

Regardless, lets get on with some updates.

the StarOnion, Maiev, FFXI Website

the StarOnion Website Revolution!

the StarOnion Version 5

If you haven’t already notice, I’ve reshaped Mai blog. The attractive banner is of course, done by Karla/Otak/Lurazeda (Mai girlfriend, yes I am not gay with Istari). I hope it is a lot pleasing to read (and hopefully, win the Kaeko eye-candy award again). Of course, stuff on the StarOnion is never friendly to 56k and I hope you know that by now.

One thing that took a lot of my time is by far the way I’ve decided to use the “tagging” system. Instead of tagging what I’m writing (which is what category / search is for), I’ve used it to tag players. If you exist in my writing even for a brief second, in a screenshot or video, you will be tagged. Yes, I went through all my 600 posts and tag everyone. If I miss you, just leave a comment and I’ll add you back in =) And yes, I did play with a lot of players it seems. My tag list is like amazingly long, but you’ll have fun scrolling them. You might even recognize a few names =)

There are still minor improvements, such as implementing RSS Email subscription etc, I’ll slowly get on with those.

This time around, I’ve implemented a flickr. I will be uploading all my screenshot that I’ve taken to that account. Feel free to browse my old-school screenshot. They are quite enjoyable to click around :D classic alliance for Mission 2-3 lolz! I might even have shouts when people were selling “Raise” back in Kazham/Yhotar Jungle.

When in doubt, use the search located at the top right corner. It searches everything =)

I know :( it could still be better, but then meh, I didn’t major in computer science lolz! This is just Mai hobby! :D

PS: Navigating this version should be same as before, I kept a lot of things unchanged :D for the most part.

Twitter Kills Blogs!

I honestly think the recent hype of Twitter just kills blogs.. hands down. I mean those that used to blog a lot like Kimiko Furball, Calaera, Etain, now just completely stop, hell even Otak stop = =. They didn’t quit, they just don’t write due to twitter (their twitter: Kimiko Furball, Calaera, Etain, Otak). As you see, they obviously still play FFXI (half and half for Etain ._.). Well can’t blame Twitter for being so accessible. You can tweet literally anywhere (maybe through payphones soon). Even those that don’t have smart phone can tweet via text messages. You could probably tweet while in shower soon via voice yelling to your neighbors. I believe Twitter activity and Blog activity are inversely proportional. =) Sucks for FFXI blog community but meh :x!

I vote for TaruTaruTweets-Online.net soon!

TaruTaru Figurine Collection, FFXI TaruTaru

Otak’s Taru Figurine Collection

TaruTaru Trading Arts/Figurine

Its now on the market for real. I know Otak got it >.> /jealous. It actually looks pretty awesome :D Here’s some pics (Source)

Now that’s the cool stuff. Now the emo part is, you can’t tell which figurine is inside that box. They cost roughly 10 bucks USD per figurine. They also come in a box of 9 (like this), but lol people who buy that also have a chance of not getting all 5. So lol… But then, its how Square Enix deals with figurine collection so… I guess welcome to figurine collection.

I’d say the best idea is to buy it with a friend, and try to mix/match the missing pieces.

Yes ^^; FFXI-ing, I’ll update it with SS at another time!

Interesting Things!

Just click on related video if you like it, you’d find a couple more ;)

15 Responses to “TaruTaru Trading Arts & More!”

  1. Jowah says:

    Your new layout is delicious <3 And the top banner image is ?
    And twitter is awesome, it's just a new era of blogging. I got tired myself of "normal" blogs in general, and I just tweet and microblog (yay tumblr) :\

    • Maiev says:

      haha top banner image is mai+otak haha, she came up with that idea lolz. I think it’s brilliant. I do understand though blog does take time to get all the nice formatting done etc, especially you being a CSS geek. Last thing you want to do at home is more CSS lolz :D

  2. Etain says:

    Twitter’s been a better format for me since it keeps me from having diarrhea of the fingers. :3
    I”m eagerly awaiting FFXIV to get back into FF-MMOing again (still having a blast in WoW though). :)

  3. Lyali says:

    I, of course, always read your blog because I think Twitter is retarded. =3 (I also stalk your twitter though, but I can’t read that at work)

    As for the taru figurines I’m going to wait till they’re available on the NA store to see if they’ll sell me the whole set. That kind of trading stuff may fly in Japan but they’ve never sold things in that fashion to NA before. All of their trading arts collections have been a full set of all available figurines so something tells me that won’t change. Guess we’ll find out in a few days. =D

    • Maiev says:

      I know what you mean :D if Otak wasn’t the one that got spare figurine, I don’t think I would go spend like 100USD for figurines…. She just needs to get like 3 more to make a set :x

      Better spend it on commish imo lolz! :D

  4. Kimiko says:

    <3 the new layout Mai!

  5. Veve says:

    Love the new layout !!

    And your post somehow wants me to start blogging again…

    Unfortunatelty wordpress is giving me a hard time as well as my actual play time :(

    • Maiev says:

      VeVe stop making excuses. It isn’t giving you a hardtime :) you are just plain out lazy XD Looking for excuses not to type on your keyboard XD!

  6. Aeyze says:

    I’m kinda sad I don’t blog on FFXI any more (then again, I hardly play) once FF14 comes out I think I’m gonna end up getting back into the blogcircle once again. Was such a nice way to meet people who I still keep in contact with even now!

    • Maiev says:

      Haha, well if you do end up playing, the ffxivblog is actually a team put together of ppl I saw that enjoys blogging ;) you’re gladly welcome to be a part of it :D and just blog about super random things, hell even how to make a high-potion with real life food and recipes :D

  7. Farel says:

    Ehhhh does this blog still work? Everyone writes comments, but mine don’t seem to appear! I so much need to contact you Maiev, but it doesn’t seem to work :(

    • Maiev says:

      Hehe all comment goes through a spam filter at least once, and frequent commenter/reader gets their comment posted right away =) Just to ensure I don’t get spam ;)

      Sup? :D

      • Farel says:

        OH my! It actually worked! I waited so long! I had hoped this day would come!

        Dear Maiev, I am Farel former FFXI player. I am also an reviewer, a video game and anime reviewer. I do videos and stuff and as of late I thought of making a video review of the three MMORPGs I played the most. I thought I would need some help with this review, hence I wanted to ask you, whom knows so much… would you be willing to discuss some matter about the games with me? I would be willing to grant your Taru-Taru a cameo appearance in my video if you’d like :)

        • Maiev says:

          Oh that actually sounds pretty cool :) awesome I’ll contact you via email you left when you leave me a comment since this might go into super details =)

          Woot something fun!


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