Pixie Hate? You believe in it?

Wings of the Goddess, FFXI, Pixie Hate


Killing Pixies

Well pixie’s in vanadiel are like the angels.. they cure you provided you don’t do anything bad to them.. but have you tried killing one? LOL

I did haha!. Well usually, my convert macros can push my HP from 660 to 1156HP, so I pretty much did that beside a pixie and.. they cured me!

I tried it a few times, just like pushing down my HP, then increasing it again then they cured me again!

Okay… so since they do cure me, I started killing em :3 One by one like the one above.

Wings of the Goddess, FFXI, Pixie Hate

Poor Pixies ._.

They are pretty hard to kill since they keep curing themselves… reminds me of Paladin in WoW… freaking annoying to kill too. Plate armor and self-curing ability.

Nevertheless, I kept killing and.. apparently even after 3-4, they still cure me :D So I’m not sure… but maybe I haven’t hit the threshold where the Pixie will no longer cure me. I don’t wanna do the quest so I stop >.> lol.. but.. in case there IS Pixie Hate… there IS a quest to clear them!

Quest Name: Witchfire Glen.
Required Item: Bottled Pixie.

Trade the item to a specific location and tata, hate reset. Still need verification though :)

Just thought it’d be interesting to know ;)

Btw… Pixie looks like crap when they are dead. Haha.. its like a rabbit ran over by a truck. xD

9 Responses to “Pixie Hate? You believe in it?”

  1. Jowah says:


  2. Trebla says:

    Yes, meanie!

  3. Speckledomega says:

    lmao. I killed one once in North Gustaburg [S] and people literally cussed me out… I just wanted to see if they dropped anything good lol ; ;

  4. Speckledomega says:

    Btw, Maiev, what do you do in photoshop to get your pics so crisp at small sizes?

  5. Maiev says:

    Haha… thank god I didn’t get any EMO ppl beside me :)

    Yea… I just use photoshop… and all I did was shrink lol ‘.’ no filters, no adjustment, no nothing :)

  6. Speckledomega says:

    “Maiev shakes with laughter.”

    Lol, I love that part…

  7. Jackalman says:

    Seriously, why kill them? Have you read up on it? There are a limited amount of them, and when you kill them, they don’t come back. The bottled pixies you can get can be released to the spring to help boost their population again. Also, pixe hate is shared across the SERVER. So, if enough ppl are killing them, they will stop curing EVERYONE.

    Killing them is bad for everyone, really, and afaik, they don’t drop anything (I’ve talked to others who have killed them). So, what’s the point in killing them?

  8. Maiev says:

    Haha.. I haven’t read actually… I just went and kill them but this is like… long ago :D I barely have time to play now xD

    but lol nice to know its shared now :)) lawl


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