Around Vana’diel. Qu’Hau Spring

Qu Hau Spring, Fenrir, Maiev, Tu Lia, FFXI

Pretty Qu’Hau Spring

Most of you probably just got hooked up with a Ark Pentasphere and never had to go get one yourself :3 but… as a linkshell leader myself.. I gotta do the dirty work but… hay I got to see the spring draining and filling :) Have you seen it? ^^

This pool is needed if you want to achieve Windurst Rank 10, 5AA Ark Pentasphere fight :)

Qu’Hau Spring being filled/depleted.

Qu Hau Spring, Fenrir, Maiev, Tu Lia

3 Responses to “Around Vana’diel. Qu’Hau Spring”

  1. Aramina says:

    I went there for Windurst Rank 10 and I never paid attention to it really. Now I shall have to venture back and check it out. I’ll probably go up there as BST/DNC so I can Spectral Jig my way around and I can also widescan for S.Weapon for a friend of mine.

  2. Sakurakun says:

    {/sigh} i’m still rank 6 windy and i need to go back there for rank 10 ._.
    {/sigh}…i’ll stay rank 6.

  3. Jowah says:

    I saw that back then with Michael when we had to get our Phentasphere.
    I want to see the fountain filled again, it’s so awesome ;;


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