FFXIAH Achievement Points!

New Features!

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FFXIAH Achievement Points!

Oh man… new features on the AH > stupid patch updates *or “New Equipment* lol… So yea… FFXIAH recently rolled out this new feature call FFXIAH Achievement Points. It ranks everyone who register based on how much they’ve achieve… here’s the rough idea.

  • Whenever you gain a level, that’s an achievements! You get X amount of points.
  • When you.. level a craft… and ding 100! That’s achievements! You get Y amount of points.
  • And more…. tons more… a lot more that I don’t know of / taken into account! Maybe um…. missions? = Z points? Maybe… titles? I don’t know lol

The FFXIAH calculates these achievements by adding X+Y+Z+whatever = Your total “Achievement Points”, and ranks them based on

1. All-servers and 2. (Your Own Server Only). Eg 302(14) for me means 304 all-server and 14 on Fenrir only.

The screenshot on the right is mines. I’m 302 across all servers and 14th on my own server. These will change of course, can go both up and down but it isn’t update in real time since its still in development. Values of achievements can still be changed etc. I wouldn’t take it seriously… for now since its still being developed :)

Just keep in mind this is still under development :) Everything might change by Scragg so I dunno ‘.’ just… stalk the FFXIAH forums :)

Edit: The thread about ranking on FFXIAH :O directly from Scragg. http://www.ffxiah.com/forum/?topic_id=164

The Crazy Ones

Here are the list of the crazy ones :) The table still being computed, but pretty sure Scragg will have the list up in the near future.. but these are the ones I know top of my head.

1st across all servers. Papy.
2nd across all servers. Doomcrak.

And I thought Mangafan was pretty gwed.. but he’s only 7th!

So yea stay tuned :) They are constantly adding stuff so just check the AH often :)

14 Responses to “FFXIAH Achievement Points!”

  1. OmAn says:

    I have been having such a hard time to load ffxiah ever since they joined the adv network. It looks like becos of those advs are being blocked. ..any idea to solve that?

  2. Maiev says:

    I’ll forward your um… trouble to Scragg :3 it could be their server firewall (i think ‘.’), not sure at all xD just a wild guess.

    Can you even load the ffxiah forums? :o Or just the AH itself? :o

  3. Cyberstorm says:

    Wow, I’m #14 on my server too. >_> Weird.

  4. Jaerik says:

    The new ad network does use a number of ads that are targeted per geographic area, how many times you’ve seen the ad before, etc. A lot of them require cookies. If you have cookies disables or have personal anti-spyware stuff turned up, it may cause some of the ads to “stall.”

    The ads should load completely asynchronously though, provided you’re running an up to date browser. Even if the ads stall, the rest of the site should load in parallel.

  5. Xino says:

    Hi quick question, how did you find out that Papy was ranked #1 and Doom #2? What I mean is, what is your search method to do this?Plz forgive me if it’s an easy way of looking it up, but I don’t know how to do it.

    Thank you

  6. Maiev says:

    I… didn’t find it :) Scragg did haha! I think he’s pairing the data together and making it searchable :o

    I think there’s more things coming out but… he’ll release an official post when its done… since atm its still under development.

    Its not searchable atm :< Even I'm wondering who's the 1st on our server (Scragg told me, I forgot >.>)

  7. Sakurakun says:

    ._. how i get rank 11 on fenrir
    i’m just a small tarutaru…little insignificant taru ._.

  8. Lethalknight says:

    Wonder where would Ext rank…

  9. Maiev says:

    Probably.. #1 :)

  10. OmAn says:

    Man thx for all those quick responses and yes ffxiah still loads but it just takes AGESSSSS like 5mins for a query (T- T).Ya prob. is becos of my McAfee site advisor or some configuration with internet option, lets see I can come up with any solution next week. :D

    P.S Maiev if u guys are doing JoL during the weekend and need an extra Nin to sac hold AV, msg me n I will be there lol.

  11. Veve says:

    692 (22)
    Overall (Server)

    Can’t wait to ding 100 on clothcraft ;-)

  12. Papia says:

    I am still trying to get my equipment to show up on ffxiah.com ; ; And how do I get achievments to appear? Any advice/words of wisdom?

  13. Maiev says:

    Can you link your ffxiah profile?

    Be sure that in your profile –> edit char that you set everything displaying, and that your URL to your profile is the LOGGED OUT version, not the log-in version.


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