WoW’s Account Hacking Spree!

WoW’s Account Hacking ‘~”

Now that Final Fantasy finally dealt with… restoring accounts + items, the WoW hacking begins lol. There’s been numerous people around the WoW community, including those people that even write huge website’s blog.. got hacked. They’ve practice safe surfing and still got their account’s jacked… and it comes down to… the gadgets that you buy.. come pre-installed with trojans.

Although FFXI isn’t really targeted.. since its only 5% of the WoW population but.. still take precaution. Blizzard has been owning those gil farmers to the stage where they also resort to liquidate accounts for quick and easy gold.

So much for safe surfing.. but if your new digital-picture frame’s software came with a damn trojan.. then it doesn’t matter if you have your no-script or use Firefox. What about your new bought hard drive came with nasty trojans?

Its nasty and scary… but we need to be aware of it :) I’m not a professional security expert… but again here are some tips that… I found on the internet in securing your accounts.

  • Use an On-Screen keyboard to enter Passwords. There are ones that is anti-mouse recording, eg different size keyboard everytime you load. Here’s a whole website about.. anti-keylogger software.
  • Practice Safe Surfing with Firefox + No Script Addon
  • Use a Process Guard… to know which application is trying to modify your PlayOnline Software.
  • Scan and do Windows Update, and unisntall un-necessary software, so less chance of a security flaw on your PC

Did You Know?

That your WoW’s Launcher is not just a PlayOnline launcher, but its also an Anti-Cheat Scanner (Warden), its also a Virus Scanner itself that scans for common keylogger software upon launch? Although it won’t catch the latest keylogger, but it does provide an additional layer of “weak” defense. Better than our POL, does nothing but slows down our login speed :o

If you have WoW installed, run the launcher once awhile :) Its a quick way to check for common game trojans :)

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