Video: Music for the Windows Geek (Humor)

Windows for the Nerds

Windows Fanboys

Did you know you can make music with Windows’ system sounds? haha :)

I’ve been quite busy with life these days so… I haven’t had the time to sit down and write a good try. Screenshots are piling up :( I’ll get on with it when I got a second ‘.’

Short FFXI Update

  • I think I’ve ding my 100th Salvage Runs (According to Cloud) and… I’m still @ Square One lol…w
  • Thanks to Tony (Istari), I’ve finally finished my ToAU missions :) Writeup on it after!
  • Thanks to Tony… I’ve actually making progress in getting Captain’s Rank… so I don’t have to be pissed when I get called to change jobs when I ported to Salvage.

Short WoW Update

  • I’ve gotten my…[item]33664[/item], ground breaking equipment that allows me to pierce through Warrior’s Plate ^_^ even better :)
  • Talked to Tsunade’s (Fenrir)’s WoW friend.. and they think I’m crazy! Trying to get her to play FFXI though!
  • Check out Majeev’s Crit Chance (hope I logged off with proper equipment) lol! 34.95% to Crit a Player – 10% (400 Resil) = 24.95% :)
  • Didn’t have that much time to play this week.. so shitty Arena Ranking :x

End of Mini Update, back to… job!

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