Campsitarus is Phishing?

Campsitarus, Phishing Account Password, FFXI

Campsitarus is Phishing stuff?

Kaspersky flagged Campsitarus as Phishing Password Website

It was from Cloud… he was looking up exp camps and this popped up, I tried it and yea.. Kaspersky did pop a warning saying this is a phishing website ‘.’ I don’t know why… code looks clean but apparently even his own blog (Bloggaru) and Goldsmithing Blog (Goldsmithtaru) are also affected.

I tried to contact Tuufless.. but he’s no where to be found on Odin / no email addy :(

I can’t see how its being affected… I skim through the code and didn’t find anything nor I can think of any reason how blogger can be compromised. It could be one of the false positive.. or being accidentally flagged as Phishing.. I don’t know but regardless, I’d stay away from that website for now… if your PC isn’t beefed up to take these kinda things.

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  1. Trebla says:

    Hhmm. i’ll help u pass the information to Tuufless. He’s currently serving the army so he is only playing on the weekend when he’s free.


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