Dear Tuufless of Odin :x

TuuFless of Odin Messaging me!, FFXI, Fenrir, Maiev

Tuufless from

Hay Tuufless,

I notice you have decided to poke around your blogging community friend! But you sure select a really nice time to hit up on me T_T I was a little bit busy as shown in screenshot :) Also notice I’m like idling… cuz when you sent me a message, I panic and… I forgot to move out of the Blue Beam… I had like 30 charges on me and eventually I just died due to beam overload >.> lol but kind Druids gave me a Combat Raise :(

So I suppose although you don’t update your blog anymore, you stalk other bloggers! lol :) Its okay, wish I was less busy but I needed those [item]29434[/item] :< 60 of them to get [item]33484[/item] and since I'm a slacker and refuse to Pug heroics :< I just goto Raids! But for sure next time I'll be there to show you around Fenrir :) There isn't really much to see but at the very least, I can give you a pearl so you can chat :)

TuuFless of Odin Messaging Maiev, WoW, FFXI

Trying to push DPS lol…

Anyway :) Whoever on Ragnarok using Maiev’s name was not me, but someone who tried to play a prank on you :) There’s a few Maiev, but I pretty much know em all ;) I’m 100% sure its someone else because when I tried to visit Jowah’s wedding.. I tried to make Maiev so I can film her wedding under my char but.. it was taken so I ended up using some ghey names :< But its all good :) I guess someone going around me acting as me is doing good things :) eg. driving Taritai crazy :) Hehe well see you around ;) typing public letter is cool ^^; Take care for now :) Kind Regards, Maiev of Fenrir ;) --- Side Entertainment --- "Real Life" Mario on Joystick.. just go watch lol :) its funny!

5 Responses to “Dear Tuufless of Odin :x”

  1. Taritai says:

    lol! I’m on Shiva you crazy loon!

    D: Can I have a tour of Fenrir too? I’m always so booooored at work!

  2. Maiev says:

    rofl… i must be smoking some good shyt
    fixed :) sorry hehe

  3. Trebla says:

    I dunno but Tuufless from is from Odin server instead of Shiva o.O

  4. Maiev says:

    So I was right >.> I do have a Maiev.. character for Odin.. on my friend Tazo’s account (cuz u cannot create 2 char with same name on one account)… then Taritai come bust in and confused me :(

  5. taritai says:

    lol! I was trying to explain *I* am on Shiva. Tuufless is from Odin and you know Ms. Jowah is on Ragnarok. You were saying *I* was on Ragnarok, you silly goat *_*


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