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9 Responses to “Tazo’s Birthday Present!”

  1. Jowah says:

    You keep using that Disney-ish font wich I hate from the bottom of my heart ; ;
    Anddd I cant wait to move and be able to print and attach stuff to wall as well!

    Luv the calendar anyway, I espect something for my birthday too! (28 may!

  2. Jowah says:

    And btw you should upload this stuff on that DA account of yours, silly tawu

  3. Maiev says:

    lol :3 I should… but meh its not really real art so… um…
    ty for the idea though, I’ll think about it xD

  4. Etain says:

    Cheri and Cheri Liney are my favoritest fonts! :D

  5. Maiev says:

    Remember I made you this signature?


    That’s why I had the font :) Cuz you had it / loved it xD

  6. Aene says:

    aw even if the situation seems a little awkward, it’s such a nice idea. the reason why the pants look like that is cos the alpha mapping isn’t correctly showing through. I believe this tutorial will address your problem (although I didn’t read through it thoroughly): http://ffxidats.com/page.php?id=2279

  7. Maiev says:

    haha yea I know what you mean, the final product didn’t have it cuz I cheated a little and just photoshop it :x pretty difficult though :x


  8. didgist says:

    youre still a bitch


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