Seems like SE’s changing account policy!

Source: BG Forum (6 post down)

After WoWing for quite a bit, I’ve decided to just click around BG and found that! SE is actually going to freeze accounts should there be a complain / conflict on ownership.

I guess SE finally finish collecting all the User Survey and is actually reading them for a change! (The one that was posted on POL a month ago). So apparently, they are doing something to fix all this crap. If you read the BG thread, people are actually getting better attitude from PlayOnline Info Center and actually helpful staff. Yea lol… I never knew SE staff can be useful. Its a hard one, I mean account rollback means item rollback and… what if say, an item from stolen accounts were restored, then you’ll suddenly have like more Nobles tunic running around. They could delete the item but what if RMT that stole the account, sold the item to a legit player. I guess the best way is to send sorry letters out and say “your item was part of an account spam, so we’re reverting your transaction”, such as giving item’s back to the correct player, and like “yea here’s your gil that day for the transaction”.

I don’t know though :3 Or they could make the item rare/ex, but the item gotta already exist in the game … there is no Rare/Ex SH so… are they going to make items Rare/Ex just to help account restoration?

But whatever it is, its nice to hear SE is doing some stuff and is really trying to resurrect hacked accounts.

A little bit off topic.

I’ve play WoW since.. May of 2007, never had server problems until yesterday.. O M G, Queue times…

WoW Gurubashi - Full

The damn server is full, and I had to wait 10min to Login… and if I don’t.. my server is locked.

Realm Locked due to Queue Times

So yea damn… the population on this server is definitely growing… and Queue times stinks :x if you DC, well good luck =P (I heard you don’t have to Queue if you got DC but already Queued, but then I’m not sure). 10m subscriber soon? :O

Random interesting links: Japanese Bug Fights lol… you can watch the video here.

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  1. Speck (Avatarati) says:

    About frikkin time. I like that rollback idea too, maybe I can get my account back! (Doubt it)

  2. Maiev says:

    :o mebbe!
    I think you should try though :) regardless. Doesn’t hurt anyway!


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