WoW: Majeev as Hybrid Mage Setup

I haven’t posted for awhile, I know :/ Its Christmas (and Merry Christmas) ^_^. I’ve got stuff to blab about but just don’t have the mood atm due to some unexpected Drama. Yea :/ FFXI expansion is already a half-baked game with nothing to do (well except for Salvage, which I play for gear / with friends)… and LS events.

Anyway… with that kinda non-FFXI mood, I’ve been looking for something rather interesting to do. One of my friend (who plays FFXI too) who’s going away for Christmas, lend me his Ally toon to play around. I get to try a Hybrid (half ass) spec for a Mage. 3-Minute Mage. Presence of Mind (making next spell Instant), spec massive Crit (Critical Mass, Spell power backed with Arcane Power) + Pyroblast = Crit Resilience-less people for 5.5k ROFL!

Just imagine Pyroblast like Burst II. Presence of Mind + Burst II = anyone dies if they don’t have enough HP :D

I’ve kept in touch with Ackal (who kinda quit FFXI like 2 years ago). He plays an Undead Mage, which is a little bit different from my Spec.

I think Mind Mastery = Critical Mass + Fire power, but the fact that you need to put 4 more Garbage Talent (in Arcane, after Presence of Mind) just to get Mind Mastery doesn’t cut the damage that you gain from adding more to the Fire Tree. More damage from Fire Tree, but its FIRE only. So just gotta make sure you use lots of Fire!

Mind Mastery benefits Arcane Explosion though, which is my favorite AoE spell :O!

But its nice to be able to talk to long-gone FFXI friends ^_^. Anyway, just letting everyone know I’m alive, and hopefully interesting post ahead!

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Okay, good night :)

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