Amazing Craftsmanship of WoW Figurine!

WoW Craftsmanship, Figure Prints

Blood Elf killing Dranaei! (Like I do all day!)

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I wish SE made one of these too ‘.’ anyway, the craftsmanship in this WoW sculpture is so amazing (Dranaei vs Blood Elves, WoW Expansion theme). Its scaled 1:9 and damn, even looks better than in-game models.

Gogo Taru version vs Hydra, still isn’t as cool though cuz its only a mob, nevertheless.

I like how the Blood Elves as Rogue (thief) model a lot, its so… Blood Elves lol, high Agility, sneaky and a betrayer. The Dranaei is like “Yea, fuk off” lol with the shield. It fits great into the storyline

The pose is kinda perfect. It wouldn’t have been cooler if it was a Tauren, or some big fat Orcs.

WoW Craftsmanship, Figure Prints

Closer look at the Blood Elves

The detail is what blows me away. I tried having something like this made :3 didn’t turn out anywhere close lol. Common SE, do something like this xD

That thing cost 300 USD o.o Pricey but consider its hand-painted, its about that price due to the labor.

Regardless, you can read the full thing here, its actually on the WoW website but since most of you obviously won’t check em out, thought I’d post em here xD Besides, I like art ^^;

And yea… I gotta stop making these Asides garbage post. I do have real stuff to write, I just gotta sit down and write lol!

Oh one more thing, Blizzard combine with ActiVision o.o Call of Duty graphics + Starcraft 2 Gameplay? Damn, that’s some serious business. Square + Enix? Who the hell was Enix lol. I still see Square-Enix as Square, although they claim Enix helped a lot back-end, but should have just kept Square, cooler name in general :3

Did you know that: FINALS stands for…. Fuck, I Never Actually Learn this Shit? lol

3 Responses to “Amazing Craftsmanship of WoW Figurine!”

  1. Calaera says:

    I prefer the name Square Enix over Activision Blizzard. The later is so retarded looking and sounding. At least I can say Sqnix, and it would sound alright. I can’t go Actizzard and have it sound cool… I’d sound like I’m crazy instead. ;\

    And the lips and breasts on that BE is scary. :X Dun even get me started on her pose, because I’ll sound like a pervert instead. ;o;

  2. Maiev says:

    Yea I suppose. Square-Enix doesn’t sound as bad

    But Vivendi + Blizzard + Activision = BlizEndiVision? LOL ^^ I don’t wanna know xD

  3. Jowah says:

    There is FFXI action figure……….but that’s a stupid statuine of a female elvaan on a choco and costs so much and almost impossible to find….yet i would never spend my moneyz on that :p

    Taru figures where! Shantotto and Ajido please!


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