Purchasing WotG Expansion :o

Um… yea, phoned EB, they had it today but only had the PS2 / XBOX360 version, so didn’t feel like getting it (although I know reg code works lol)… PC Version coming today… (and yay to Canada, open on Thursday!)

I just prefer to get the proper version just for coolness (esp when you put them in an array) ^^

Um anyway… need help getting a US WotG reg key? w

EB also told me I don’t even need to reserve, there’s tons of copies coming so… yea lol. Depending on how many copies they have, I could help out a few people in getting a US registration key. Already helping 2 ppl in LS getting em anyway…

I’ll only do it if you have previously commented on this blog, and you have Paypal. I’ll be typing an essay anyway. Basically I go in buy 3 (myself and ls member), when I see a request, you Paypal me then I’ll open my copy and read the code to you then I go in buy another one for myself xD

You can BT the installation from BG.

Doing this from 2pm till 4pm EST (Nov 22). If you’re interested, send an email (using the email account you used to comment on blog, along with your Char name you used to comment, and your MSN/AIM contact) to [email protected], I’ll add you from there on and tell you exact price etc (game + tax + paypal fee cuz they take a cut when you send money) and this is in Canadian dollars ^^;

Sorry, I can’t do this for everyone =P. Only doing this to Mai readers ^^ (didn’t make a catchy title either, only doing this to help out Mai readers ^^)

4 Responses to “Purchasing WotG Expansion :o”

  1. Jowah says:

    Bleh, i have lolEU copy and need to wait for it to get in my place :p
    Was shipped 2 days ago.

    I need a code :( Already installed wog and rest

    Me wants to be SCH

  2. Maiev says:

    lol I’m at EB atm, and the dude also plays FFXI too! He was telling me how pwning his Lv61 “AF” MNK is xD

  3. Jowah says:

    LOL mnk in af @_@;;;;
    Very l33t.

  4. Verrick says:

    MNK … AF … PWN … does not compute ^^


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