Squeenix Bustok Merchandise, FFXIAH App on FB!

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SE Merchandise I was going to give Galka a bit more love and buy some Bustokan stuff but… I’m afraid I have to take that back….

Source here. (SE Merchandise Store)

I mean… I don’t wanna buy a Merchandise that has spelling error xD What if the actual product came and it does really say BUSTOK! xD (Cuz the copywriter had the actual product and she was just typing the word from the ring?)

Back to the Merchandise, I’d probably get something ^^ I like personalizing stuff based on what I like xD Everything looks good except the BUSTOK ring xD Better not buy it! hehe

Phone Strap and Key Chain *Taru city of course*! /drool

Oh btw.. this was in the email, one of those Square-Enix mail so you should have one in your inbox!

Official Square-Enix Merchandise can be found here.

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Facebook Addon: FFXI Pro

Connect your FFXIAH to Facebook!

Scragg done it again ^^; A widget that links your FFXIAH to.. Facebook! I thought that’s pretty awesome imo!

So give it a try and submit some feedback on facebook but… since expansion is coming out, I’m guessing he’s going to be really busy adding new stuff to the database while the rest of us just enjoys the expansion ^^

I don’t know if its completed yet though, I haven’t had time to talk to Scragg xD he’s too busy ._. really busy like…. skinning the FFXIAH ^^

Random Rants

Comment system’s flooded with crap… I had to shut it off for a bit since those spam robots learned how to answer those question. Gratz to my 7000 spams xD! More spam than my 10 years old hotmail account.

Anyway… I’ve decided to join the expansion spree. Although it doesn’t look promising from the sound of it but… just like how I gave World of Warcraft a try before judging the game, I should probably give Wings of the Goddess a good try before I start shitting on the expansion pack! Maybe it will end up being better than WoW, or just a big disappointment and I ended up hating FFXI.

Don’t use Windower with new Expansion

Don’t know if everyone’s been keeping up, but SE finally added their version of Windower. People saw it in Fanfest, resizable, minimizable, its like a real application (finally, after 4 years lol). But don’t turn it on since they might also attach 3rd party program scanner to the Windower like Warden in WoW.

Original thread on BG here.

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  1. Jowah says:

    …………….time to spend all money on that.
    I hope it’s not “NA ONRY” shit -_-;


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