Enmity Research Revealed by Kaeko!

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Kaeko’s Research on Enmity!

Interesting post about Enmity from TK’s. I didn’t test it xD I just digested it ^^ Wish I had the effort to do amazing tests like these… but anyway.

I went through their post, read it 2 times to make sure I completely understand it. I also read it to make sure it was correctly done ^^ and it is! Anyway, here’s a few conclusion they made about Enmity (merely Copy and Pasta)

  1. Getting attacked for 0 damage or evading an attack causes no enmity loss.
  2. Dodging an attack using Utsusemi Shadows does cause an enmity loss.
  3. Distance between 0′-20′ relative to the mob at which an action is used does not affect enmity gained.
  4. The act of pulling (first action) causes an enmity gain for the puller.
  5. The other 6 spells decayed, but left 1 “unit” of non-decayed hate – we called this the Base Unit of Hate
  6. An Action can produce both Cumulative and Volatile Enmity, but it MUST produce at least 1 CE
  7. Dispel produces 320 base units of non-decaying hate <--- Really good to know, in numbers!
  8. The Cumulative Enmity Cap is exactly 10,000 Cumulative Enmity
  9. Cumulative and Volatile Enmity act as seperate entities
  10. Zoning and Logging Off do not immediately “reset hate”

These are all from Kanican’s Blog!

So lets digests this, more like… applying the concept… in our mind!

1,2) Getting attack and taking 0 damage causes no enmity loss, hence taking damage or… maybe more damage causing larger enmity loss. & the Utsu Patch! So this kinda means (pulling from my own experience)

  • Hence explains why mob runs around, because once you take damage, your CE (Cumulative Enmity) lowers!
  • Also explains why SE added enmity loss to Utsusemi. Since if you never take damage, you never loose Enmity.
  • Also explains why Paladin are better in keeping hate. We know they are better but… one of the reason is, since they take less damage, they loose less Cumulative Enmity!

3) Differences in distance gives different Enmity?

They prove it no! I never really noticed it anyway, but they proved it ^^

4) Puller gets bonus Enmity.

We always knew it, but was never on hard numbers, the TK really did a good job in proving that. Explains why our party puller always seems to get hate so easily!

5) Some spell produce Cumulative Enmity, others just Temporary (and looses over time)

Really nicely done ^^

You can check out their Enmity table here.

6) All spell leaves at least 1 Cumulative Hate.

This explains why mob kills the whole party/ally when everyone else is dying! We all use the term “we are on its hate list”, but the technical term is.. “You might have loss all the Volatile (Temp) Enmity, but all actions generate 1 Cumluative Enmity”, suggesting you will always be hated, by 1 Enmity Unit!

7) Dispel generates 320 units of Cumulative Enmity.

Explains why RDM tank are possible, because Dispel generates an Enmity that doesn’t disappear overtime, but will only disappear through taking damage.

8,9) All stuff have a cap, including Enmity in both CE and VE.

This one I actually looked up in Wiki. The TK proved it that… you can reach 10,000 CE and can still take hate ^^ or juggle with it because Volatile Enmity is a separate thing!

Hate = Cumulative Enmity + Volatile Enmity (taken from Wiki), the person with higher total takes the aggro.

10) Logging out or reset doesn’t reset hate!

This gotta be nice to test! Maybe afterall, its because you haven’t done any action due to the time of logging out, you loose your Volatile Enmity. Its like standing around doing nothing.

Combining the test from JP Wiki writing about Enmity + Article and some NA Wiki, its safe to assume that.

  • Damage Taken is CE Loss, so a good tank would need to reduce damage taken, in order to prevent hate loss.
  • The trick to understand is Hate = CE + VE, you might not have high CE but generating stuff from VE (eg constant Provoke), is nice to keep hate, since VE isn’t affected by Damage Taken, but only through time (60/sec)
  • Although not proven yet on TK, but on JP Wiki, each Enmity + is 1% more hate. Provoke with 10+ Enmity = Provoke 1.10

Damn, can’t wait till their next Enmity research! But yea the above is simply putting it to practical use! Well… putting the thoughts together ^^

Edit: I just saw Part 4 (seriously, waiting for their results is like… waiting for next EP of Anime xD)

They confirmed the… findings on EN Wiki, that VE looses hate at 60VE/Sec. If a Provoke is 1800VE (like they tested), the VE of a Provoke fully wears out to 0 after 30sec, in which case you can Provoke again! This kinda make sense… when your tank AFK’s hate start going everywhere… especially if the tank doesn’t have enough CE.

Thinking about how we let tank voke a few more times before engaging fafnir was pretty lame! All the hate was literally lost and the only thing we were doing was stacking CE with Flash (180CE)!

TK also confirm the findings on JP Wiki above.

Final CE = [Base CE] x { 1 + [Enmity Enhancement] / 100 }

Although this is for Enmity +, but can pretty much assume it works the same for Enmity -! If it really works the way it is… and… taking damage is so far the only way to loose CE (probably more), then Enmity – bonus equipment really helps you out, especially in the long run to maintain a low CE.

Wow… the game can dramatically change with this knowledge from em ^^

6 Responses to “Enmity Research Revealed by Kaeko!”

  1. ClassicRed says:

    :3 well then, I now know why I die to bahav2 so much on rdm D: …

  2. Maiev says:

    Explains how a lot of stuff works xD! I tried to pull hate in salvage with those #’s, still difficult ^^ Lots of VE spells “say blind”, hate wears off after 10sec. Stuff like Dispel gives 320 but… when someone pulls with Voke, its 1800 right there.. so by the time I got 1800, the mob’s either dead… or they’ve dealt enough damage to hold hate!

    Meh, more test needed!

  3. Zimph says:

    Omg, Classicred – I was just going to say the same thing. Evaan pulled so much got’damn hate last night at Baha2!

  4. ClassicRed says:

    Vryali and I have tried testing on NIN/BLM vs NIN/DRK vs NIN/PLD and NIN/RDM – NIN/RDM and NIN/DRK are top and NIN/PLD is very much prefered if you cant stun nor have RDM sub if have none of the above NIN/BLM -can- keep hate but its more difficult ;3 We just spamed on birds outside WG with a RDM healer if needed come test with us!

  5. Aramina says:

    definitely good info to have an will help me better tank mobs on brd/nin now that they nerfed mazurka hate. Not that I do it on a normal basis, but tank skillups a lot it seems.

    Also, will help me stay my whm a$$ alive more during long duration fights once they have more CE/VE info on curative stuffs in addition to C5

  6. Maiev says:

    There’s a Part V to this now and a big discussion on BG xD.

    Just like I guessed… knowing Enmity dramatically change the way we play this game.


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