Sakurakun HQing her Clothies!

shockingly and surprisingly, i dont own a single blessed gear.

Audiance: wtf…
Sakurakun: >_<

well the main reason is because i wanted to craft them. more specifically, the HQ version.

Clothcraft (96)
Yield: Blessed Mitts
HQ 1: Blessed Mitts +1
Earth Crystal
2 x Gold Thread (22k)
1 x Velvet Cloth (3k)
1 x Saruta Cotton
1 x Galateia (~150k)

Clothcraft (97)
Yield: Blessed Trousers
HQ 1: Blessed Trousers +1
Earth Crystal
2 x Gold Thread (22k)
1 x Velvet Cloth (3k)
1 x Rainbow Cloth (12-15k)
1 x Galateia (~150k)

my clothcraft has been standing at 94 for a while. and i really want to get it to 98 some time soon. and at the same time i defiantly need haste gear for my WHM. but on the other hand, i’m mortified about the amount of gil i have to flush down the drain to get this item =/. but there’s nothing like having your own signed gear too. i guess i have to kick myself to do it ……….


oh btw, the other day i synthesized my first signed piece! can you believe??!? it’s no HQ, but it’s cool =)

oh and i just made this signed item just a few seconds ago for Sayter. he’s still a bit under lvl to wear it, but i’ll hunt him down for a real SS. i guess i dont have sibe’s magic touch with HQing =/


btw, today was my 200th DH run!!! I joined DH Feb 2007 and i cant believe i’ve been with maiev’s DuckHUNT this long ^_^

168.27 is the number of unspent points i have so far….idk what to bid on lol

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