Manaburn Sandworm NM

WOW, i heard of this nm, but i never imagine this nm would be a pain to kill. supposedly it has like 17k HP and pretty high evasion. It took nearly 1.5-2h to take down this NM w/ 5 ppl (blm (ashmanaiel), rdm (raslin), whm (me!), brd (saytar), nin (bubian)). this nm hits really hard…idk how it would have gone w/ a pld. our tank died once and then i died. but we manage to knite the NM around long enough for all of us to recover

Stinky drops =(

come on!!! at least drop some cashmere threads or wools for all that trouble =/

but at least i got a new title: sandworm wranger =P

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  1. Bubian says:

    I was pretty tired after that fight, we took a long time cuz Ash was thf for 80% of the damage dealt to it, then he died, hp’d, and came back as blm to finish it off. Went quite quickly when he came as blm. Crappy drops though :( (and it apparently has 70k~ish hp, not 17k hehe) I wouldn’t be able to tell ya for sure though, I still had all my filters on from being a whm from the night before lol

  2. Jowah says:

    Lol, i killed that NM, was easy actually but heh……had more people so I guess i cheat^^
    Does it really drop cashmere ? I guess Manteel price will drop more then

  3. Sakurakun says:

    nah i was joking about that…
    but yah, it was a pretty long fight. we were mage heavy. and the nin’s katana was like doing only 0-18 damage each strike. and we had a thf too in the beginning. but he got killed and switched to blm halfway.

    i’ll re-edit post so that ppl dont get confused about the cashmere lol


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