Ciermel got another Morrigan Gearz!

Congrats to Ciermel!!! she got another Morrigan gear! i think she needs th 25 piece still =/.

been worried about ciermel since she hasn’t gotten a new piece for a while @_@;;

btw, i completed my Marduk’s Jubbah this morning! i’ll post screeshots later =). hopefully after tomorrow’s run, ciermel will be bump up in priors and she’ll be able to obtain more stuff in the near future =)


edit! pics!!

The proudest moment for my whm and brd!

6 Responses to “Ciermel got another Morrigan Gearz!”

  1. Ciermel says:

    Congrats Chachu ^^ you deserve it! I’m so envious of you that you got your body piece done already ^^

  2. Jowah says:

    Gratz for the Jubbah! It’s so awesome stat wise, but I really hate the design ._.
    Morrigan robe rules all, i so want one D: I’d trade that for my marduk body ;<

  3. Jackalman says:

    Grats to you both. ^^ You should’ve mentioned that I’m finally 3/3 on Marduk’s Jubbah as well, although I’ll need to rob your MH to upgrade it anytime soon. XD

    What we really need to do now is get Maiev his Morrigan’s Robe… LBC, here we come!

  4. Sakurakun says:

    i’m so glad i didnt buy the manteel ^_^. when i lvled my brd, the manteel was about 9-10m. just the same price as the marduk’s jubbah atm. now i can set myself apart from all those other brds and whms ^_^.

  5. Jackalman says:

    Any idea what the manteel is selling for atm? I’m considering selling it to fund the jubbah.

  6. Sakurakun says:

    about ~5million. still leaves you about 3-5 m short if you plan to buy the ingots or have someone craft them for you. i had a ls member crafted them for me ^_^


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