I’ve decided to do something cruel to two ppl i know =D! j/k!!

I sent in their wedding application for Jingex and Ravynne

on the fenrir sever. i wasnt kidding when i said i would =D!
btw, I didnt know where to have the ceremony, so i just based it

on the bride’s home nation (windy). i hope Jingex doesnt mind since

he’s sandorian!! and btw, i picked the most expensive option

for u Jingex =D!!!!!

oh btw, I picked the following dates:

Feb 14. 2008 (7:00 pst, 33% chance) v-day =)

Feb 15. 2008 (7:00 pst, 33% chance)

Feb 29. 2008 (7:00 pst, 100% chance)

anyway, gl guys! I’ll be waiting for that GM message =D!!

2 Responses to “Jingnne”

  1. Maiev says:

    hahaa ur so nice! well um.. why not put me and Istari (the gay couples) together too! :)

  2. Jowah says:

    I really really hope for those two to be lucky, even tough the 100% date makes me think they really getting it :)


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