Buh bye Infinyte =(

My good fwen on my Infinyte, a member of duckHUNT, has decided to use that lame world transfer thing and left us on Fenrir =/. he left last monday i think =/. took a while to post this cuz i was studying for my finals =/. {/sigh} ….one less poke-ga on fenrir >_<.

he’s on the Midgardsormr server now =(. i guess i can only spy on him through ffxiah

on a side note, DH went out to do a Unstable Cluster NM run last Tuesday since our run on last friday we only had like 1/5 on the soboro sukehiro and maintaince occured unexpectly in the last 1h of our DH event =/. but our run on tuesday was just incredible!!!! we brought along just 1 thf this time and it made all the difference! 5/5 on drops!! i finally got mine after 4th casting lots!!! soboro weapon would have been soo cool to have when i was lvling my sam because i usually go sam/thf to merits pt. but it was already 75 by the time DH started to do the run. oh well =D

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  1. Maiev says:

    Wow Infinyte gotta get out already! j/k

    Gratz on your sword and… how come your Screenshot is always so Squashed LOL!


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