New Job: Scholar? (lol throw books?)

FFXI Scholar

Um.. Scholar.. lol book as weapons?

Oww, New Job :O

Mm hmm… Wohdo linked me last night… yea Scholar.

So what is it?

OVERVIEW: Equips books as weapons
WEAPONS: Flame Book, Light Book, Ice Book, Inferno Book, Illumina Book, Blizzard Book
# ABILITIES/MAGIC: Fight – Attack with equipped weapon
# Peep – Show enemy’s HP
# Scan – Show enemy’s weaknesses
# Item – Use an item from inventory
ATTRIBUTES: High magic, low HP
COMMENTS: Scholars’ sole defining ability is Peep or Scan. This allows them to spy on the enemy’s status, HP, MP and other statistics. In other games, this is a white magic spell or other ability. With average or weak stats all-around, this makes them a fairly unused job class.

That’s from FF3. Played it on DS… support class in that game… or nearly worthless… so lol, does it shows us AV weakness? ^^

I mean the last thing we need is more support jobs… Dancer is already lol enough.. now Scholar? So um.. they are going to put out Relic Books for Scholar?

[Update] hehe, SE released a bit more detail on their WotG website ‘.’

WoW’s coming out with a new class.. Death Knight… that is a tank class.. that doesn’t utilize a shield! Now that’s more cool (Hence, parrying is the only defensive stats ^^)! Well anyway T__T the xpac doesn’t sound promising to me. I hope more good stuff are goin to leak soon ^^

3 Responses to “New Job: Scholar? (lol throw books?)”

  1. Calaera says:

    According to BG and such, they won’t be hitting with books. Though, I kinda like the idea of them hitting with books. : But that’s just me. School girl clothes ftw.

  2. Maiev says:

    Yea, I saw the new post on FFXI Creater’s voice too :)

    I don’t know though, still sound a bit lame T_T

  3. Calaera says:

    I’m leaving my opinions for until I try it out myself. If anything, I’m really hoping it will be a better subjob for WHM because I don’t want to level BLM. :X


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