B-day =D

so, it’s my rl bday today (actually yesterday) =D! i didnt have much time to do stuff in rl because of examines and finals. but i did get some bday gifts =D!!

thank so much for the loads of ginger cookies cc (lenneth), jing and ravy =D!!! they’re my whm favorite!!! it’s a year stack of cookies till my next bday!!!!! my tarutaru is gonna be so chubby now =D. it’s good timing cuz i only have 7 cookies left in my inventory. my santa hat isnt producing them fast enough!

3 Responses to “B-day =D”

  1. Maiev says:

    omg :( Happy Bday! I didn’t even realize T_T I’m so horrible :/

    *thinks of a present, secretly add dkp!*

  2. Jowah says:

    Happy bday! And Mai’s so dumb! :(
    Ask him to craft something for ya as forgive :3


  3. Sakurakun says:

    Celestial Ring {yes please!} maiev x2!


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