Wings of the Goddess — Maws and Quests!

Ahhh at last, cc and me decided to go on a road trip throughout Old Vandel ^_^. We brought our SS tool to capture our adventures! cc has the other half of the film cuz mine broke down =P. but in all, we’re 9/9 on Maws and we completed all three maps ^_^

The Dancer by the Lake:This was actually one of the coolest places to flag a new quest. This lake is absolutely beautiful in the past. the time it took to design this place was really worth it. It’s so peaceful here =)

Sakura’s thoughts: HMMMM…where’s all Goblin bountyhunters?? {/sigh} rmts gonna pop up soon here =/

The 1337 Chocobo:I guess w/ the new expansion, the fare for a chocobo in jueno is sky rocking like the tele-mea chocobo when ToAU came out. Unfortunately, the price for this chocobo absolutely proves my point of how messed up the prices are.

Grauberg (S) : Hmm…i dont know why i have this pic. CC and me were cruising through this area and found these cannon turrets cool. I thought we had a pic of that huge tower, the direction which we were facing in the pic bellow.

Sakura’s though: those smelly galkas’ homeland isnt that impressive…….

The Cool BLM (beside CC =P)!
: if anyone did windurst’s missions for WoTG, they would have seen this badddddddddddd assssss (i’m allowed to use ass) talu!! I guess this talu is gonna be cc’s new role model @_@;;. i bet he’s Adijdo-Marijudo’s daddy! how else he know he would be in trouble in that place?? That armour equipment (according to cc) looks cooler than the salvage gear for blms (ookay i twisted her words around a bit lol).

Galka Sausage: completely random conversation between cc and me after our road trip

cc has the rest of the pics, hope she has the chance to post some up later ^_^

2 Responses to “Wings of the Goddess — Maws and Quests!”

  1. Maiev says:

    did that taru fell into the mud? looks like it to me hahaha…or the new blm AF3? xD

  2. Jowah says:

    I recived my WoG copy few hours ago, and I can’t wait to visit new areas :3!!!
    I got spoiled already of some CSs and gameplay, but who cares XD It actually looks awesome *_*!!!


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